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   Cindy authors books filled with strange and wonderful characters seeking escape from the confines of modern life 

Cindy Marabito Writes Books

The best pit bull book on the market
Jody Luther experiences 1970 Jackson Mississippi murder and racism
Great short stories about backwoods characters - dark humor
A dark paranormal love story
Check out Sky Diamond on Vella

Pit Bull Nation is a journey over the hills and valleys of rescue work and a tell all look from behind the scenes in the killing fields where most of these dogs are being slaughtered simply because they look like pit bulls.

Pit Bull Nation Special Edition audiobook read by the author coming soon with big promo


Jackson is the story of Jody Luther, a 15 year-old white girl battling insanity at home and hate-filled 1970 Jackson, Mississippi leading up to the Jackson State Massacre.

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Small Texas is a collection of tall tales and wild myths about salt of the earth types of people one meets in deep East Texas amidst the swamps and boscage known as the Big Thicket. Meet the lonely housewives, wayward seniors, bohemian free spirits and country bumpkins who  spring eternal from deep East Texas piney woods.

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Jules, the Truth Finder is an erotic twin flames paranormal romance novel where the afterlife comes crashing into real life.

Free Audible audiobook

The Legend of Sky Diamond about a small town girl who comes from a horrible family of grifters and becomes the toast of Dallas exotic dance. Read the fascinating story of Sky DIamond on Kindle Vella stories.


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