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Heaven for 5 Days

I picked up ‘Jackson’ and was in heaven for the 5 short days it took to read. One of those books that takes you away from your life completely, to another place and time, the South in the late 1960’s. Kudos to Marabito for creating another chapter in the Scout/Kill a Mockingbird timeline. A must must read!



"Jackson Regales a Laborious, History-Packed Tale!"


Cindy Marabito's new novel JACKSON compared to Margaret Mitchell, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harper Lee and Eudora Welty in stunning review.



Well told story of a tragic incident...


Told entirely from the first-person perspective, Jackson is a somewhat triggering and emotional read. The author does a good job of conveying the level of racial hatred and tension that filled the Deep South during the time period. Her love of history is also apparent from the historical landmarks and figures she references throughout the book.



I loved this book. It’s about a family battling addiction and a young girl struggling to keep that family together during the civil rights movement in 1970 which adds another layer of turmoil to this already painful story. Being an east Texas girl myself, I feel the characters were authentic and Ms. Marabito nailed the vernacular and attitudes of this era. It’s not all sad. The love of family and friendship is revealed and shines through. I hope there is a sequel. I would like to know more about Jody’s life.


An incredibly painful book about a painful time in personal and national history.

Although it could have been a quick read, I was forced to set the book aside several times to reflect on Marabito's message and to research some of the events she narrates. I wish we had progressed farther than we have in the nearly 50 years since the Jackson State massacre.


If you ever wanted to look into the life of a rescuer of the most discriminated against breed in the US, the Pit Bull, then you MUST read this book. In the book, you will read wonderful stories of pit bulls who were saved. There are also sad stories of the ones who didn't make it. The ones who were victims of discrimination and unnecessary power struggles that take place in the rescue world. You get a better understanding of why the breed gets such a bad reputation. (HINT: It's not the dogs' fault). But more than anything, you see the dedication it takes to rescue a breed in such dire need of help. This is a book that is great for current and potential rescuers. You learn that you are not alone in your feelings for the breed and why you just "know in your knower" that they are great dogs that just want to be loved. More importantly, I think that this book should be read by potential adopters and people who are not familiar, or are even afraid, of pit bulls. That reader will see that pit bulls can provide their family with just as much love as any other breed found in the shelter.

As a pit bull rescuer, I wish more people would read this book and get a better understanding of this magnificent breed.

Animal Rescuer

Cindy's love and tenacious spirit for this breed is truly admirable. I wish that more people were as genuine as her.
The APBT is my all time favorite breed of dog. I currently own three pitties, two are rescues. I didnt always like pitbulls.

I was ignorant like many people are today. But over time I educated myself and my family and we soon became proud, pittie owners about eight years ago. Now I can't get enough of them.

Thank You Cindy for having the courage to fight for these loyal companions and for being their voice when no one else would.

Robyn Cloke

This book should be read by anyone with the preconceived notion that pit bulls are bad, vicious dogs. The breed is so misunderstood, a kind of doggie discrimination. Bottom line is, a dog is what the owner makes it 99% of the time. Read this book and it will enlighten you, plus it's a great story.

Pit Bull Nation is just the kind of book a pit bull lover, or any dog lover would thoroughly enjoy! While I'm not finished with it yet, (my reading time is limited), every chapter gives me more insight into the world of shelter dogs, and the outstanding and dedicated people that give their all for the dogs!

This is the kind of book I will not give up, because I know I'll read it again. Cindy pours out her heart, and her readers will be ever grateful for her honesty and compassion! Great read, from a great lady! Keep up the fight Cindy! The dogs need you, and so do your loyal readers!

Linda Thomas

This is the best Book I have ever purchased! Everyone in Rescue needs to read this. I have recommended it to everyone I meet in Rescue.

Kathi Mann

Love Cindy and all she has done to fight for this breed! Excellent book that tells you the "real deal" when it comes to the plight of these dogs!

K. Quickle

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