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I am an author who loves writing. I write books, blogs, short stories, essays, you name it. I'm always writing something. Here are a few of my books.

Pit Bull Nation is a behind the scenes look at a rich city shelter killihg all pit bulls

Pit Bull Nation is the story of a woman who found a pit bull and how that one dog changed the course of her life. The chain of events which follow would discourage most people, but Cindy finds a connection with these dogs that gives her the strength to overcome adversity and confront her own fears.

Pit Bull Nation Special Edition audiobook read by the author coming soon with a huge promo offer

Jody Luther is a 15 year old girl facing racism and horror in 1970 Jackson Mississipi

Jackson is a story of Southern horror as told by Jody Luther, a 15 year-old white girl. "If you lived through the turbulent era of the 60's and 70's in America, this book will take you on an unforgettable journey to that time. If you are too young to have experienced it, this book is picture-perfect of the details that will put you in the midst of the story."

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Jules the Truth Finder is a paranormal love story of obsession and desire

Jules, the Truth Finder is an erotic twin flames paranormal romance novel. Jules is a force to be reckoned with from Texas to Arizona, California and the beyond. Hop on for the ride of your life with a woman who won't take no for an answer. A novel of love and obsession and a titillating, sensuous road story you won't be able to put down.

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A collection of short stories about strange Southern gothic characters

Small Texas is a collection of tall tales and wild myths about salt of the earth types of people one meets in deep East Texas amidst the swamps and boscage known as the Big Thicket. The characters in Cindy's stories come from hard times and good times. Everyone has a deep dark secret. Cindy takes the reader on a strange trip through funeral parlors and dance halls to meet up with the lonely housewives, wayward seniors, bohemian free spirits and country bumpkins that spring eternal from the piney woods of deep East Texas.

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Kindle Vella Stories

A punk rock love story

The Color Blue is my memoir about those old Austin, Texas days. I'm currently working on a film about the Fabulous Thunderbirds and the memories and stories opened up like Mansfield Dam broke wide open. Please enjoy my recollections as much as I enjoyed living and writing about those times. Read now on Kindle Vella serialized stories - free offer.

A cat who becomes a famous movie star

The Meanest Cat in the World is the story of an old tomcat who becomes a Hollywood superstar. Meet Roy and all the crazy wild people who play a role in his rise to fame and fortune. Read on Kindle Vella serialized stories now.

High class exotic dancer in 80's Dallas Texas

The Legend of Sky Diamond is the story of a small town girl and a horrible family of grifters who runs off to Dallas and becomes the toast of exotic dancing. Read now on Kindle Vella stories.

Book two of the Jules the Truth Finder series

I am hard at work on Paranormal Hollywood, the second book in Jules, the Truth Finder series. Check it out on Kindle Vella stories.
In book one, Jules Laverne Johnson fights off demons, witches and evil forces to save her murdered lover, Sam Henry. In book two, Paranormal Hollywood, Tinseltown comes a' knockin' for Sam and Jules story. In a town full of greed, power lust and venom, Jules and Sam must battle the malignant spirits in 3D form.
See what lurks in the dark corners of Hollywood from the powerful studio head, Konrad Kurtz who runs the town with his own set of cruel standards. His right hand, Vi Tanner, who looks and behaves so much like Ghislane Maxwell, she's secretly nicknamed 'Gizz.' The wife, Susann G. Kurtz who runs a powerful charity group with a callous agenda. Puddin’ LaRue, the wannabe who shares a sordid history with Phil Spector and Robert Blake.
Everybody Sam and Jules meet in their effort to bring their story to the silver screen has a wicked motive.
To complete their mission and maintain the rejoining of their twin souls, they must prevail. Will love win over evil? Read and find out the latest challenge for our twin souls as they battle a powerful menace to try and bring their story to the world. Check out the story on Kindle Vella free offer.


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