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East End Boys and West End Girls

at SRO on McKinney Avenue from the upcoming book Free Lunch

In a restaurant in a West end town

Call the police there's a mad man around

Running down underground

To a dive bar in a West end town

So, SRO, ya’ll. All us people that wound up there on McKinney Avenue. One of the funnest places I ever worked and it was anything goes. Always. I got to do the jukebox and it was really hopping with 80’s tunes. Tears for Fears to Amadeus. Something for the mood and feeling’ was not layback ha!

This little story is about Geneva. Where are you, girlzzz? You were hysterical. We’d be crowded like drunken sardines on Thursday nights in our fuchsia and peacock party dress uniforms serving the beautiful people and everybody was a beautiful people.

One night, some hotshot Bear Stearns slickeroo kind of guy was in with his crew. I believe Geneva had hooked up with him before, but he was giving her the cold shoulder as dudes will do. Anyway, she went all commando and was like, “Hey, we had so much fun. Why haven’t you called me back? I know you like me. What happened?”

She kept on following him and reciting lines like she was in a Valley Girl movie or maybe Moon Unit. She had no shame and it was so cool. It was SRO where anything could go and did. Every night was one of those nights at SRO. Geneva!

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