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How Jules, the Truth Finder met her man

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

It didn’t happen overnight. We’d talk while I’d be waiting for drink orders at the restaurant side of the bar. To tell the truth, I never thought he paid that much attention to me. I didn’t consider myself one of the pretty girls, somebody in his league, but we’d laugh and carry on. There was always something strange going on in the local news to make fun of. Something about Sam. Even though he was educated and me, not so much, I felt like his counterpart. I had a sense I knew him and we were somehow connected. It was just a feeling, but a strong feeling. Something in him awakened something in me like nobody had ever done before. We were allies, Sam and I, those nights at the tiny bar in Mo’s.

One evening, Sam and I were chit-chatting and I got a wild hair. I came right out and asked him why he didn't take my friend Ann out on a date. She also worked at Mo’s and had recently gone through a bad break up. She was one of the pretty girls and I said maybe they’d make a cute couple. It made sense to me that good looking people should be matched with one another. Now, I never did things like that. It just wasn’t my personality, but it just tumbled out of my mouth. His response nearly knocked me over. Right out of the blue, he said. “I believe I’m more interested in going out with you.”

I'll never forget that night as long as I live. A picture painted itself in my head that I've hung onto all these years. Right when he said it, the piano player was singing "Such a Night," the Dr. John song. It felt like magic was all around me. I said, “Me?" But, I bought into it 100 percent from heart to soul. Maybe it was the song, Maybe I'd had a little too much wine, but I let myself believe somebody like him could want somebody like me. I wanted to believe it.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. See, I believe Sam was murdered.

Listen to the Jules, the Truth Finder soundtrack playlist that inspired this novel of obsession and the love of a thousand lifetimes.

Jules, the Truth Finder is available for purchase online e-book and print formats/

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