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That time Ray Liotta came to the Dollhouse

From the Chapter Wild Thing from The Legend of Sky Diamond

Then, there was the time Joey Perrini came into the Dollhouse. We all knew who he was, because most of us watched Another World. I had a long history with the show that intertwined with my real life. The only three who were not familiar were the three sisters, Garland, Holly and Bambi, General Hospital fans. He was sitting in the corner nursing a bourbon on ice. Top shelf, too. He was very attractive in faded overalls and no shirt. They had a no shirt no shoes policy at the Dollhouse, but nobody was going to impose it on Ray Liotta, his real name. We were all over it in the dressing room, gabbing about hot Ray in our club. All the dancers were fighting over who got to go on next, each one wanting to grab some of Ray’s attention. Puddin’ won out. She fired up her play six shooters so they shot out real smoke and cap gun noise. She tilted back her white cowgirl hat and put on her best show to lure him into her web. And, boy, Puddin’ really turned it on. She had Jack Brazil, the dj throw on "Cowboy Song" by Thin Lizzy. When the roll me over part started up, Puddin' was gyrating her ass all over the place. It did the trick and Ray couldn’t take his eyes off her for a second. And, she knew just what she was doing, too. Especially when it got to the fingers up and down part. She put her lips together and sent him a silent kiss. We weren’t supposed to date the customers at the Dollhouse, but everybody did anyway. No one in management ever enforced the rule. So, Puddin’ left that night with Joey Perrini. They spent three hot days together which she went over in great detail for the rest of us Dollhouse girls. Puddin’ had really scored with Ray. First, she let us know, in her thick put-on British royal accent, that she didn’t let on she knew about his famous Another World role as Joey Perrini. She called him Ray and pretended she wasn’t aware he was an actor. According to him, he was having issues with newfound fame and wanted to be liked for himself. You can say a lot about Puddin’, but one thing’s for sure. She was some actress, herself. So, for three days, they wined and dined all around Dallas. She said he was a real gentleman and she wouldn’t let him fuck her until the last night.. It was on a Sunday and they’d been to see the Paul Simon movie One Trick Pony playing at the Inwood. It was second run, but she said neither had seen it before and Ray really liked the story about the aging rock star. He had dreams of being a Hollywood movie actor someday. Puddin’ laid it on thick and told him he should be in films, that he would look glorious up on the silver screen. She repeated it for us in her thick English accent. They went back to his hotel that night to carnalize their union. Puddin’ said it was so hot and heavy, that Ray was super turned on from the previous three days and their buildup at One Trick Pony. When he finally shoved his dick in her, she screamed out in pleasure. “Oh, Joey!” And the jig was up. He reared up off her onto both strong muscular arms, his eyes piercing into her own. She was just like all the rest. That was the look he gave her, mouth wide open. Puddin’ never saw him again and neither did the Dollhouse. I guess he went on back to Hollywood or New York to finish filming more Another World episodes. We made her go over the details for weeks after that, though and Puddin’ was more than happy to render each lusty tidbit. Every time she told the story, it got more and more elaborate. She practically had him crawling across the hotel room floor swearing his undying love for her by the time we’d finally tired of hearing about it. But, still, it was pretty exciting to have a real life movie star show up at the Dollhouse in Addison, Texas and break the monotony of our boring North Dallas lives for a minute.

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