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Three Sisters at the Dollhouse

from The Legend of Sky Diamond

Everybody went by stage names at the Dollhouse. There were three sisters who worked there. Garland was the oldest. When she started showing pregnant, they let her keep dancing, but only during lunch shifts. The three came from the Dallas suburb of Garland and how the eldest came by her stage name. She was so homely that behind her back, everybody called her Mr. Roper. Even her two sisters.

The middle one went by Holly and the youngest was Bambi. Bambi was the cutest and had come this close to making the Dashing Debs high school drill team before she dropped out of Garland High School. Her dancing at the Dollhouse reflected that of a halftime performance. Bambi had worked a summer at the Garland Caboodles, a precursor to the Hooters restaurant chain. Caboodles waitresses served up greasy bar food like Buffalo wings and fried pizza to hungry, horny wage workers at lunchtime. Outfitted in skimpy short shorts modeled after the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader uniforms, they were required to lean in deep when delivering food and beverages. It wasn't a problem if body parts made contact with the clientele. In fact, it was encouraged. Bambi wore everybody out always going on about how they did things at Caboodles, but nobody cared. She was dumb as a sack of rocks.

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