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Tush - when Sky hits the big town

from The Legend of Sky Diamond

Sky Diamond (star, Sky Diamond Superstar): The song “Tush” was a Skitz playlist favorite. He was always trying to get me to dance to that one. To me, it seemed a little too excessive. Too titty bar. Even then, my sensibility was to titillate the senses, to tease, and a song like “Tush” was too obvious for my designs. Not to say, I didn’t like it. Who doesn’t like Z.Z Top? They certainly have their place in the world’s topless bars and rightly so.

I was small breasted and knew it would work against me, but my ass is one of my best features. Ever since I was a real young girl, I’d see guys of every persuasion eyeball me as I walked down the road. Later on, when the R. Crumb comic books came out, I saw what the commotion was all about. My figure wasn’t as cartoonish as the lampoons of girls’ butts in the pictures, but it was enough to drum some hot lust up on the mean streets of Beaumont.

Skitz Parnell (former Gene Diamond crew member): Sure, I was the one that taught Sky to dance. You might say that whole career of hers came about due to yours truly. She was a hot number. And, had all the moves. “Tush?” Oh yeah. That was a fave. We’d always start our classes out with that one. ZZ and all. That’s rock and roll, baby.

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